Coombe Glen Garden Railway CGGR Coombe Glen Garden Railway CGGR 'Molly' about to depart from 'Avonmead' with a local Molly is a mostly scratchbuilt battery loco 71225691 The milk tanker has to wait for the level crossing gates to reopen A view of 'Coombe Farm' in late Summer 71225690 Plenty of steam as 'Minerva' pulls away from Avonmead good steam effects on a coldish Autumn day 71225693 A goods at Coombe junction 90473945 a top the high embankment! A visiting 'Russell' pulling my newly completed rake of IP coaches with a scratchbuilt brake to match 90473946 Waiting for the signal to clear A view of Coombe Junction with a visiting 'Russell' pulling a rake of my wagons 90473947